Our Services

1. We Create Inspiring Designs


In this line of work, perspective is incredibly valuable. Our 20 years’ experience working in all phases of creating buildings means we anticipate hurdles and deliver smarter designs early on.


2. We’re Pioneers at Heart

What’s our secret? Our long term commitment to R&D, academia, and the development of new standards. This work elevates our creativity and the quality of our design, and ensures we deliver the very best in structural engineering methodology, and can tackle extremely complex designs.


3. We’re Leaders in Multi-Unit Wood Frame Design

When it comes to designing with wood, our portfolio speaks for itself:

– Designer of the first prototype six-story wood frame buildings in Ontario;
– Over 80 projects built with pre-fabricated wood components to date—including some of Canada’s most complex wood structures;
– Plus, we’ve won several wood engineering awards.