Our Latest Projects

Brantford Sports Centre in Brantford, Ontario

 This was a milestone project because it was the first commercial installation of CLT in Ontario. We love working with CLT, especially in Canada where our forests are sustainably harvested. For this 12,000 sq. ft. building, we designed and detailed the roof deck using large prefabricated CLT panels. Our staggered two-span layout minimizes loading on girders, while the high in-plane shear strength of CLT eliminates sheathing in the diaphragm design. The contractor saved three weeks off the construction schedule for this roof. 

Mountain Equipment Co-op in Brantford, Ontario

Mountain Equipment Co-op came to us for a new concept on the conventional ‘big-box’ store by going 2-storey. This client understands that the needs for certain buildings may be limited to only a few years, so why not design them to be disassembled and re-used elsewhere? We developed a kit of parts using a hybrid of prefabricated glued-laminated post-and-beam construction, concrete and steel deck floors and SIP wall panels, carefully detailed to allow for de-construction. We reused natural materials such as post-industrial plywood ‘peeler core’ logs for the entry canopy. This building won a LEED Innovation Credit for our design to make it entirely disassembled and re-used in the future.  

HOT Condominiums in Mississauga, Ontario

 When a developer has a vision to change the status quo in design, you listen. In anticipation of code changes that would allow six-storey wood construction in Ontario, Quadrangle and Great Gulf designed condominiums with a modern take on the 4-storey walk-up concept. Great Gulf asked us to develop a prototype structure that could be prefabricated for quality and speed of construction and still meet the stringent engineering requirements of taller wood buildings. Our solution included new designs and systems for supporting brick cladding, roof top anchors, balcony and guard designs and hold downs.